Random Film Reviews

Antropophagus (The Zombie’s Rage)(The Grim Reaper)(Anthropophagous: The Beast)
1980 RATED R (Italian) Directed by Joe D’Amato

Flat out 5 stars for the visceral Italian style gore in the vein of Dr. Butcher M.D. and Fulci’s Zombi. Joe D’Amato lets loose his exploitation, world wide banned masterpiece with comic book blood, shaky cameras, a skinned rabbit along with one forced abortion you have to see to believe. The back story of the title creature is told through one meager back story but it is enough to set your teeth on edge. The two disc uncut edition can be picked up for about 15 bucks. The special features are nothing to orgasm about, but if your a film fan/freak like me the extra tidbits delivered by the late D’Amato on the origin of the film are interesting enough. Worthy of multiple views.

The Deer Hunter
1978 RATED R (USA) Directed by Michael Cimino

It has been over 13 years since I have first laid eyes on this film ( a whopping old age of 10 I was!) and to this day and beyond no other movie breaks down my emotionless barrier unlike The Deer Hunter. For myself this film was the stepping stone to great cinema. I am a life long die hard Deniro and Walken fan because of this film. It ranks on my TOP 10 Greatest Movies Ever and will never leave and maybe ascend a spot or two as I get older. The story of small town blue-collar iron/steel mill workers fascinates from the beginning credits of the early morning dusk settling down sleeping forests of green, to the tyrannical jungles of Vietnam, and back again to the small town turned upside down by tragedy striking thousands of miles away. Hands down this movie deserved every Oscar appointed to it and Deniro was a fine candidate for BEST ACTOR. Walken hands down acted his heart out and as I write this I receive chills and goosebumps at remembrances of scenes past. If there were a TEN STAR rating I would mark that a million fold. Every one: young, old, skinny, fat, handicapped, bald, blue, hermaphrodites, whatever you may be….much watch this film before crossing over to the unknown which this movie so proudly exhibits.

There’s Always Vanilla (The Affair)
1973 RATED R (USA) Directed by George A. Romero

I am a huge Ray Laine fan. His films are filled with such charisma. The role he has as the down and out discharged army private is filled with such realism and prestige. Simple lines and unabashed winks and smiles to the camera wrap the viewer into a frenzy to find out just what is this guy trying to do with himself. From session guitar player to wanting to write his first novel, to scamming his way into a conglomerate advertising/marketing firm, Laine shines. I cannot get enough of this film and I recommend it to anyone who wants to watch a great actor act. RIP Mr. Ray Laine. We do miss your charm.

Street Trash
1986 Unrated (USA) Directed by James “Jim” Muro

One of the best extreme gore movies of the 80s with a cast of great unknowns. The lead of Fred was actually the make-up assistant to Jennifer Aspinell who has had a remarkable career with TROMA, SNL, Mad TV, NFL, and helmed the new Indiana Jones flick. The story is original and does not lack the depth and charge it needs to succeed. The liquor, Tenafly Viper lends a Lovecraftish feel to the film when it is found behind a secret compartment in the basement of Ed’s Liquors. A fantastic film which is a must for every horror aficionados film collection.



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