Dancing With Apocalypse

I have a story.

Its been called many things, but I think I’ve settled with the title “Dancing With Apocalypse”.

This story is one of those things in life that just will not leave me alone.

I’ve had the idea and first draft for over 5 years now (I wrote the first draft by hand in a notebook) and it consistently pokes me in my ribs to let me know that it is still here and is dire need of publishing…but I can’t get anyone to read it.

This is where superior marketing skills should come in to play.

The whole egocentrism thing is hard to deal with when it comes to getting people to read your own work.

Should I threaten them with bodily harm?

Hold a loved one hostage until it is read and reviewed?

The way I post it for it to be read doesn’t help either. I kinda just copy and paste the entire text and expect someone to come upon this massive heap of 3300 words and be enthralled by it.

Posting it in fragments doesn’t work because for one the chronological thing gets in the way, and two, how the hell am I suppose to know that your done reading it?
Anyone out there have any ideas?


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