Tragedy Springs & Other Collected Work – TABLE OF CONTENTS

Written between the years 1999-2013, these fragments of dour and molested tribulations are doorways into a damaged psyche.

1) Introductions

2) Await The Remembrance

3) Death In Pieces

4) The Sadness Of A Winter Lullaby

5) Cupid Painted Blind

6) Fly On Your Mended Wing

7) A Sin For A Funeral

8) Sharpened Halos

9) Empty Attempts To Heal

10) The Resurrectionist

11) Indigenous Lies

   12) Farewell, Sorrow

   13) A Funeral In Winter

   14) Remnants Of Our Shadows

   15) One Week’s End

   16) An Angel’s Asphyxiation To Love

17) Descending Through Fire

18) We’ll Make The World Explode

19) Dream And I Shall Follow

20) Sea Breezes & Salted Wounds

21) The Blackest Of Hearts

22) Chasing Leviathan

23) Stellar Is The Endeavor

24) Moments Within A Reverie

25) Far Below

26) Meet Me In Heaven

27) Red Ink & Mended Hearts

28) The End We Will Never See 

29) Dancing With Apocalypse

30) Tragedy Springs





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