A Sin For A Funeral

It is time to lay down one final time.

Bury my haggard flesh beneath the ashes of corruption.

This world is falling (failing) and all of its melancholic children

seize not a chance at redemption.

To what extent does life lay down fantasies and

misinformed dreams into reality?

The death unravels itself across my dreamscape to suffocate the last of my dying words.

To all it is just a lost boy looking for answers.

Answers never to be unearthed.

Answers that laugh in the face of said boy and

rip the tape set to mend a broken heart.

Set into tomorrow, a ravaging wind bestows its final countdown

onto the hopeless romantics and generic simpletons.

Help is on the way as the lost boy raises his knife to his throat.

The blood spills and cascades among other sad and impotent souls.


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