Await The Remembrance

The time was to reunite.
Clouds are mapped over the skie’s eyes.
Winter winds are retreating into unknown chambers.
Their strength disinegrating into warm embraces.
Elapsing memories sparkle and then fade.
Life has all morals of love.
Some consider it putrid.
What would it feel like to move that far?
Into vanity?
Into a more deadlier livlihood?
Cancerous souls pursue like daemon stalkers of medievil times.
Your radiant slumber awakens past failures and unwanted misery.
She left to pursue liberty.
Liberty you did not give her.
Instead, she fell as you fell.
Though, you fade as she saunters.
Saunters into solitude within dreams.
The passion she had is no more.
You decay and she marries.
You disinegrate and she births.
Revelations pursue the apex.
Crying forgoes the pain.
Await the remembrance.
She holds your heart forever.
The memory of you remains.
Ask her sweet child, who bears your name.


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