Dedications (From Tragedy Springs & Other Collected Works

Although I embarked on these literary journeys alone and within a sometimes ungovernable state of calamity, I was never alone at the beginning of these travels. I had catalysts that dropped in and out to challenge, build up, break down, and spectate. Because of the nature of this work unfolding within a decade of time, and also to protect the nature and lives of the women involved, the initials listed below are merely a shell of the person they intend to represent.






To the women above: Thank you for igniting the inspiration for these pieces in whatever afflicting and/or commendable way we went about our relationship. It truly helped direct real impetuous and violent acts through a pen and into a notebook instead of through a gun and into the obituaries. I am forever indebted to you.

Also equally important in the molding and shaping of these works are some very influential musicians/friends that have absolutely no idea how much of an influence their musical work had on my tender-footed roots of music, poetry, and overall life.

Azeron and Michael of SIN, EndEver, and Winter Reign

Niko and John of Envy (now Envinity)

You guys seriously have no idea how much of an influence/inspiration you guys were to me at such a young and innocent age. 99.9% of these pieces of work were written while indulged in your music. You were a part of the journey. You were the soundtrack through these journeys. And I will always be grateful for your musical endeavors.


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