Remnants Of Our Shadows

Under guidance not fully coherent with the masses, I shudder.

Shudder away guilt ridden lies and devious, malnourished amorous blessings.

Now that I’ve run out of tears, who will be there to console the dried irises into slumber?

Like a shot to the head, I dream on my own.

Palms turned towards the heavens,

on my knees, captivating.

Chin pointed towards the heavens.

Wishing the past.

Wishing to hold this world inside.

Can this be real?

Unbearable is the pain.

The night sky casts velvet moonlight amongst my sobs.

Arms left empty, I have lost.

Plunge this knife into my throat.

Its over,

Light me on fire, bury the ashes in disease.

I’ll haunt the deceivers forever under an atomic red sky.

Don’t look at my tomb, I might appear as your child’s death!

See the blood seeping through? It wasn’t for you!

The death I hold in my throat is for you!

But now I saunter the dark death fog unattended.

God doesn’t want my brash, unpious ways.

Satan believes me to be too sad,

I disregard them both, I linger for a resurrection.

Take this middle finger, and shove it into the hole I created in your conscience.

Lay down at night and dream of sun-shines and lilacs.

Beyond those horizons, I’ll continue to promenade with the remnants of our shadows.


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