Sharpened Halos

I only turned away for a second,

when it was plunged into my back without a regret.

No blood spilt.

A red fog spewed forth and wrapped

around the world to suffocate.

With this sharpened halo protruding

from my back, the non-devotees

of love now have a place to hang

their scythes.

The shadow of my former self has left me in disgust.

No more sorrow for the wretched.

I was just another feeble-minded

lost soul on the verge of total


But an angel with a blunt,

undisturbed halo drifted into my wake

and kissed my painful whispering embers away.

Taking my hand, she guided me

towards a balanced place of


The light blinded me, immorally and I found it hard to breathe,

She put her mouth over mine.

Then the air and light co-existed as one as

the ER lights continued to blind while the

oxygen masked fulfilled.


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