The Ghost Removal – Secui 2 – Medius


The Ghost Removal

A maniacal uproar (as powerful as the one that sank Atlantis in one breath) reflected off the jagged, limestone walls and into my quintessence—making the sticky, sultry hole in my heart hemorrhage once again. The thrashing footsteps of before reinstated themselves; only faster and kicking up limestone dust with fervor. I began to retreat, limping slowly as the pain in my head was almost as blatant as that of my heart. The shred of hope grew dim and jaded. The flashing of the tides was among me, like a thousand thieves descending upon a foreboded lost treasure.

I stopped retreating and closed my eyes, hoping to be here again, even if the microscopic sun was to never again shine upon the evils of this world, when all at once the eerie silence of this malevolent cave became tranquil. With this I opened my eyes, staggering time so that I might delay the viewing of my untimely death. There lay before me, within the dim halo of the northern protruding light, the bestial, carnivorous creature stood amidst bones of the past fallen loveless victims. It turned to face me, the one and only misfortune to stand in the way of its carnivorous desires.

Strength and courage it took for my person to peer into the irises of the beast that wanted to minister my death—a horrible and lonely death of tumultuous ruin. Doused in shadow and green arcane algae, the creature stood at least ten feet tall. It was covered in coarse gray and black hair and its mandibles were long and rust-colored—the color of an ancient esoteric blood, collected through many ages of bleak havoc. Its face held the evilness only Lucifer himself would deem loving (and even that would be saying too much). The face of the beast was of mysteriously jig-sawed pieces. The nose could have been from a warthog of ancient times. Its septum seemed to have a rusty ring pierced right through its cartilage. It gave a resemblance of a door knocker, sibylline and heavy with history; left to rust and deteriorate high above, attached to a house within the clouds, untouched and unkempt for eternities combined. It had no ears, for if it did they could not be visible, for the thing had a long straggly shoulder-length mane of different qabalistic animals married. Its red eyes peered straight through me, as if to contemplate which ventricle it would want to swallow first. Its teeth were sharp and the same rust-color as its mandibles, nose flaring up a storm of death, a tornado of souls bellowing out to scream their requiems.

As sure as I was of my future within this beast’s grasp, I clamored myself (using my tongue while I still kept it attached within my person) all that my heart would let me. My own elegy was ready and willing to console the already perished souls, whose bones littered the cave, yearning for a sound other than the beast’s own unhallowed uttering.

“With what universal laws of man and/or beast do you possess to hold the formidable position of the grim reaper of those who have defiled love? Have you not once loved a woman beast of your own likeness? Someone who held you amongst the high clouds and decadent stars of the Parliament who have since been banished from the light of day and forsaken beyond insane powers. I know.”

At this instance, the beast seemed to stop breathing, unsure of what he might have heard. I myself was more than a bit confounded at the words I had just spoken. Hoping that the beast did not interpret my confusion, I continued, leery that the beast’s profane breathing had stopped all together.

“This woman beast I speak of, did she not hold you in a place more venerable and meaningful than the gates of the hallowed heavens? The love shared amongst you both could never be measured, like bags of sand thrown into the air and then ruptured. The time in the city of profane living,  when she proposed to flee with you amongst stars and starlight fog, away from that world was your time in a distant world. The Parliament could not hold you apart for it was your time. The child she bore was meant to entwine you more than the many connected bodies of water spread amongst this world and yours.”

Beguiled by my verbal assault on the beast, I began to feel something of a metamorphosis within my person. Although not physically visible, the feeling was significant and commuted itself within my chest. I had a brief vision of a red divine-like ether escaping from my body, through my fingertips, as I floated above a red sea. Although somewhat eerie and by no means a vision containing elements of hope and renewal, the feeling within my true self claimed calmness. A warmth not far off from the womb of all the mothers of the world enshrouded me in that crimson vision.

The beast still did not breath, which worried me, as I did not know his exact location within the darkness. Nevertheless, my tongue continued to be possessed by some knowledgeable being of unknown origins.

“I know you’ve never felt as lifeless when time began to run out, like the overflowing walls within the city of Atlantis (your doing, as it is written in the dark history books of the beyond). She died for you…as well as the life of your child. Both were lost and done so by the Parliament. Hell’s Parliament. The loss of cherished souls brought you down to your knees. It tore the dreams from your own quintessence and crippled you to a state of catastrophic proportions. Your heart bled and led you to a doom never tread by anyone, demon and angel alike. Until it lead you here; amongst a dead world.

“This is your level of black despondency. Beyond the Cocytus lies your darkened city meant for the moros. I know…you were banished beyond the corridor of Lucifer by ones of great powers. Lucifer his self knows not of your existence, for if he should ever gaze upon your sorrow-filled face, he would surely die. I know…how your love died, with your child intact.”

The beast finally seemed to acknowledge my unforeseen knowledge of him and his brethren with a demonic gasp for air of sorts; almost similar to the beginning stages of a person suffering through a traumatic mental breakdown. With this motion carried out by the beast, I realized that he had not moved from the general direction he was in earlier, yet seemed extremely closer. I could almost feel the reverberation of his black heart piercing the aura that surrounded me.

“I know how they ran the chariot through a forest of broken glass and jagged spikes laced with flesh-eradicating poisons, with woman and child in tow, being dragged for eons of miles in every direction. I know how they crucified and mutilated your brethren amongst crowds of followers who each held stones and hatchets, bows and arrows. This was a midnight lynching of a child and woman wrongfully considered treacherous to their kind. I know! There was nothing you could do, for they had you within the gauntlet. They beat and raped your family, and made you watch. I know!! Yes I know who you are and I know that they slowly decapitated your brethren with blunt, rusted machetes! I know that they made you consume every last bit of flesh and bone of your child and woman! I know! I know!!!”

“You are the Black Emperor! For I know this….and I know your name…You do have a name. Don’t you Odium. You were led here by the juices of your own blackened heart to dispatch all defilers of love for eternity…those foolish enough to break the bond known as love and die alone with apathy meet you beyond the last gate. I know who you are, Odium. I know, because I am here to replace you.”



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