The Sadness Of A Winter Lullaby

Its all a memory to be taken apart

and forgotten.

No one would ask me to contemplate

a change to revive

an ease to pain.

So I sing this sad little winter lullaby

with hopes of someone hearing.

With it flows the pain and despair shared with every

infidel who has torn a heart to bits.

This I share with you.

So sleep long and without illness my love.

Let my voice, with all its range and stillness,

lay you to a slumber like no other.

I’d love to lay and watch you sleep an infinite dream

while the angels play.

To you, a fair judgement comes to rest

with closure and hope.

If you awaken, remember me as a singing poet

meant to keep you in solitude.

For I will not be the same, come the awakening.


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