The Ghost Removal – Secui 1 – Orsa

A man wakes up in a barren, bleak cave covered in blood and surrounded by the presence of an ancient beast meant to minister his death.

I awoke breathing heavily and soaking wet with chills. The heat from my body was expelled in one gasping breath. This darkness unknown to me embraced me in its black scabbard. Forgotten here for all to stumble upon was I. The blood tracked into the darkness of the cavern serenely reflected the gloom held within my eyes–filled with the apprehension of a dying, lonely man. He was on his death bed in a corner of a dark, secluded room within a house atop a forlorn hill, on a dead planet in the center of an empty universe. Which was what I was, only realizing from the scent of putrid algae, the disdainful shriek of bats, and craggy floor, that I lay entombed inside a massive damp cavern. A cavern, no doubt, made for persons such as me.

My body was awkwardly limp and stagnant, fulfilling the dread stored within my mind–pandemonium has set forth while I saunter amidst bones of sad and impotent carcasses. The sad chapter in this woeful tale was my imminent demise and ensuing addition within the ranks of the dead.

The time tied-up within my pocket diminished into a crestfallen unimportance once the sound of limber, foreboding footsteps on the cavernous floor entrenched itself into my dourness. The breath of the unknown entity encased my senses into submission as it unveiled itself from darkness and into my somber reality. Groping about me the walls of limestone and earth, I realized my fate. My fate held more distress and consternation than a hundred-thousand deaths combined of disembowelments, decapitations, and dismemberments after a ritualistic torture of submerging my still writhing corpse within an acid bath of fire.

This was determined within a stone’s throw of time as I awaited the unthing’s inevitable strike on my person when suddenly…all went silent. Somehow sensing the defeat and weariness of me, the creature proceeded to depart away, laughing and cackling its macabre language of inequities while licking its lips in recognition of the ensuing aftermath of my remains. Could this be a surreal metaphoric dream or an abhorrent, undying nightmare? Regardless of the plane of existence I now saunter, my cadaver would be its own for the undertaking. For now, back to the shadows it reigned, to watch me suffer.

I stayed immobile for some time, leery of the creature’s pitiless eyes amongst me, before rising and then sauntering into the depths of the unknown cavern…all the while wishing for serenity. As I begun to tread lightly into vast nothingness, a slow thick dripping lay before me. Then the pain of a broken memory flowed through in existence, soaking through my shirt and splashing in front of me: my own heart bled. The cascading blood sent chasms of pain in tears through my impulses.

I began to lay down the final note in my requiem, so the beast may have its way and feast upon my jagged heart, for this heart was through. My only other place beyond this life reeked of the maelstrom of Hell, for Heaven would have no place for someone of my caliber.

Suddenly (as if on cue from an omniscient savior), out of the darkness, a microscopic splinter of white light shot down from the Heavens and into my blood-shot, soot-filled eyes. This light would, unlike many, drive that of the normal, insane beyond recognition. To see a light so archaic and beautiful, would follow in ranks as that of seeing the face of God.

Everything coalesced together in a matter of seconds. Tears fell with the sadness of a dour finale. That small fragment of life gave away directions to the now drying pools of blood, which in turn directed my hapless self to a new life. The pain had begun to cease, like a dying ember surrounded by dead ashes in a hearth. All became transparent. With this thin shred of bright and gloriously dignified hope, I began to saunter towards my foretold reality. T’was the end of this sanguineous journey…or so I thought…




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