Abbey Of Thelema

They wait beyond the gate.

They will take revenge for that lost battle.

Of daemons and divells combined.

We congregate within these walls.

Our chamber of nightmares is still intact,

‘so stab your demonic smile into my brain,

soak me in cognac, cunt, and cocaine!’*

The details of another degenerate lie, stained on our walls.

In time it will perish and become forgotten.

A noose hangs in every room.

Waiting for a revelation,

a resurrection of a thousand lost souls.

Animal, infant, and angel alike.

At the heart of this global magical devotion,

lies an evill stained with the blood of Heaven’s eyes.

And the Great Work left undiscovered,

while the true selves of many are left unmanifested.

* lines taken from Aleister Crowley’s poem “Leah Sublime”



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