And The Heavens Shall Fall

They laugh now!

At the wretched sight of my demise.

Hearing the door closing on the only living worth living for,

My hands can bear the task only minimally.

With much confusion!

With much confusion!

It’s time for a new revelation.

It’s time for the heavens to fall!

It’s time for a new revolution.

It’s time to hold them in scorn!

Reign upon them!

Upon their death cloaks.

The advent of their ending.

The birth of the dark suffices the laughter into a panic stricken hush.

Eyes wander the hail that now reigns upon them.

The dark hail holds them in scorn.

Pushes them further into an abyss,

Known as insignificance.

The fires bear their birthrights,

And the heavens fall upon them.

Turning their human printed bodies,

Into bone dust!

The heavens fell through their dreams.



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