I speak with my pen…

I’ve been here before…always wondering if it was worth the time and self degradation.

To work feverishly and borderline-obsessively on a self-indulgent blog.

Would anyone read it?

Would anyone comment?

Would they trash it?

Love it?

Hate it?

Does it matter?

As I mentioned in my preface for my book of collected poetry, “Tragedy Springs & Other Collected Works” :

“I always considered my acts of writing to be strictly of a selfish nature; I wrote to console, conjure, and conceal my real feelings.”


Which brought me to the conclusion of not caring.

The effort that is being poured into this endeavor benefits only myself in regards to reflection and the viewing of my work in a different medium (among many other minuscule reasons). I could easily make this blog private…but then I would be succumbing to a censorship that I do not support. Surely poetry and stories of fiction and Non- deserve to be read, berated, paraded throughout the (internet) world. Work needs to be scrutinized and socially criticized positively and negatively. New ideas need to be born and set loose upon the (internet) world.

And here we are, on the first post of this virgin blog. Enough words have been put to use here. I don’t feel that anything else needs to be said…then again…I may just be talking to myself…which would make this an awkward conversation.

– Ray Marquez IV

March 2013


2 thoughts on “I speak with my pen…

    1. Thank you Helen. In this day and age where anyone and everyone with a word processor can attempt to write, I appreciate that you took time to read something I have created. I am indebted beyond words. Thanks again!


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