Within The City Of Dis

This is the center of Demonic Civilization.

The Holy War Epoch rages on.

The Watchtower lies in ruins, paradise torn to shreds.

Deep within these mountains, Hell’s Parliament rejoices.

The houses of many subjected to defiance and profane.

Tribulations and burials lead to tall tombstones amongst horizons scorned.

With the throne of bones high within the mist,

The houses of Dis scatter the decadence through irises burned.

Black trumpets sound the lies that watch from shadows…

But the shadow exploded.

The skies are gone, reduced to ashes and flesh.

The abhorrent Ibwa licks up the blood of the fallen

Skulls of Nephilims and Angels litter the ground in mass chaos

Some are crucified high within the clouds, a blatant taunt to God…

Left hanging under bliss.

These empty towers claim rust-tainted rains with open crevices.

The stone and mortar speak unhallowed misgivings.

Forlorn hearts are produced in mass destruction.

Lords and maidens sing to the fall of the unforgiving.

Missing, tainted halos float atop a sea of neglect.

The vision of a red skyline rains the dreams of many a lost soul from the atomic sky.

And the sarcophagus of many weather with grief…

Within the city of Dis.



  1. Yeah Ray,
    That piece there is a very vivid and in depth description of Hell. One most certainly won’t want to go there. Which is exactly what one has to do if you are describing it, make Hell unattractive as possible, a place of eternal damnation, punishment and naturally torment


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