Revelations & Distant Planets

As we fall back through black holes and irises scorned.

Heaven crumbles amongst us.

Was this His plan?

Were we forsaken?

Left to wither out like an ember from the mouth of a sadist.

We degrade ourselves; mutilate one another.

Disembowel our children for meanings beyond our own intellect.

A dip into the fractured human psyche reveals revelations.

Crack open one from humanities kind and inhale the pneuma.

Within our own heads we can reach farther beyond space.

Why embark outside our own universe searching for distant planets.

Beyond the unknown is where we come from.

Beyond the unknown is where our answers are.

And it is beyond the unknown, we will never be.

So we snuff each other

and prostrate for our creator to lead us

beyond that unknown towards distant planets.

Answering our revelations.


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