Maestro Fabio Frizzi



That is the one word that can describe the works of the great FABIO FRIZZI. His astonishing scores and prolific attention to detail highlight a career  as influential and exemplary as the films themselves.

His body of work is unyielding, with scores of individuals discovering his most precious albums across the globe. Since the advent of the internet, Maestro Frizzi  is even more accessible.

The influence and solid musicianship Fabio Frizzi inherits is one of great importance to the horror community–much as it is to the music realm. One has to only revel in the melodic overtures of THE BEYOND, MANHATTAN BABYCARAMBOLA, FILOTTO…TUTTI IN BUCA and CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD (among others) to truly become mesmerize by the sheer brilliance and flawlessness which is Fabio Frizzi. His music legacy will always live on to haunt and captivate the masses.

City of the Living Dead


Manhattan BabyThe Weeping  Woman



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