Random Raving Rant

I am a fully throttled misanthropic being. In no sense is that put lightly. I mean I really hate the mucus membrane out of people. There are so many different reasons why…yet it all falls down to everyone trying to be pleasant and good-natured, when you know that deep down within their rotten carcass, they would choose themselves over you in a heart beat.

Ex: A nice parking spot opens up close to a mall entrance where no other spot lies in view. Two cars approach and reach at the same time…do you honestly believe one will let the other have that spot out of sheer kindness?

If by some sheer unfathomable way, in the above example, that one lets the other have it , they would construe that you should thank god (uncapped purposefully) for the good graciousness that has been bestowed upon you today and “pass on the blessing”.

What a bunch of road apples!

In no way has this happened to me personally, yet I have come across people within the divine ways who act like a force of holiness forced their hand at portraying themselves to be something they are not.

In turn, none of you reading this know who you really are (myself included) and 99% of you never will. That one percent need only to get quiet and realize that you are taking a breath, scratching your ear, picking your nose, etc… Feel your body actually moving and working as one.

And reading IN SEARCH OF THE MIRACULOUS couldn’t hurt either.



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