Between The Buried And Me

An amazing…well…I don’t really know what to call it! Progressive/Experimental/Neo-Classical/Ambient/ Melodic Death Metal! Amazing band from North Carolina that is signed to Metal Blade Records. Remnants of the legendary Tribunal band Prayer For Cleansing, BTBAM has (as of 2017) released 7 albums, one covers album, and 3 live efforts.

In 2006, the band released “The Anatomy of…Between the Buried and Me” which featured cover songs of an amazing array of artist (some of which are on this list!) like Pink Floyd, King Crimson, The Counting Crows, Faith No More, Queen, and a host of others. Quite unusual for a “metal” band to have a host of none metal bands as influences. Yet, listening to past (and present) BTBAM albums, you get an idea of how these (and others) have influenced their music.

A remarkable band that has to be given a listen to by anyone that is a fan of music. “The Silent Circus”, BTBAM’s 2nd studio album, is by far a personal favorite with “Colors” standing out as their most accomplished.

With the release of last year’s “Coma Ecliptic”, the band seems to be plunging head first into a beautiful abyss of music ingenuity.



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