Pink Floyd

Simply one of the most amazing and talented bands ever, Pink Floyd spawned during an era where drugs were dominant over booze, and getting high was a necessity while listening to music. Without the mighty Pink Floyd, the music as you know today would not exist.

The godfathers of synth and melody, Floyd intrigued legions of people and established themselves as a heavily visual achievement. They paved the way for the many experimental/ambient bands of past and present eras, and, in my opinion, kickstarted the techno/house musical movement.

Early work, such as “Piper At The Gates Of Dawn” “A Saucerful Of Secrets”, and “Ummagumma” lent a stylistic touch to the stoner/psychedelic rock genre and cemented then frontman Syd Barrett as an all out coo-coo bird with a knack for writing catchy pop inspired melodies with genre defining rock riffs.

One viewing of the DVD “Pink Floyd LIVE in Pompeii” and you will understand that these cats are not from this planet. They are Martians trapped behind the limelight, trying contact ‘mother atom’ with their synthesized syncopation.

Richard Wright seems to have a name for every single key on the piano/keyboard, and calls them out with as little effort as possible. Wright’s voiced harmonized with David Gilmour’s is nothing short of bliss and heaven.

No one has placed his soul and passion into playing so melodically as Gilmour does. Fans and critics alike misplace him with the guitar gods/Strat masters list by sheer ignorance. No one plays like he does and no one encourages the Fender Strat to sing and produce an array of insane vibrations like Gilmour does.

Nick Mason seems to be in a trance when sitting behind his drum set. The awesome drum measures and tribal-like instrumentation persevere with so much enthusiasm and wit, you would think you were hallucinating….*ahem*. I’ve had the pleasure of actually meeting Mr. Mason and had the chance to ask him a question long since brewing in my stewed mind. And no I did not ask if Dark Side chronologically followed Oz! More on that some other time.

The main synth-man and all around smart ass of the band belongs to bass player Roger Waters. Waters plays with sheer brilliance and sarcastic punctuality. Watching “LIVE in Pompeii”, Waters seems to want to be everywhere and everyone. He mocks the interviewer with shrewdness torn out of a Dashiell Hammett novel, and typically thinks his shit don’t stink. He also thinks that Pink Floyd is the greatest band in the world. I wonder who would agree with him…


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