At The Gates Of Har Megiddo


Heaven has been breached

and ascension has begun.

The light and the dark struggle to decay each other.

Humanity, fickle and inept

fight with dark swords and black shields.

The Light Bearer brings no light,

only an excavation of humankind.

There will be no victory.

There will be no songs.

Dead planets will reign!

Each God dethroned.

The Angels await nervously,

with hands bitten by the ones they once served.

The gate creaks.

Sounds synonymous with the

strain of Angelic Bows aimed.

The stairway is guarded,

God hidden amongst the stars.

The Sound.

She plays the Black Trumpet.

Splinters ignite the beginning

of the battle of Har Megiddo.

Darkness implodes the cracks

and the crevices.

The arrows sing for redemption.


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