Heaven Torn Asunder


A burial for many, Daemons and Angels alike.

The Revolution is nigh, rebel angels take up arms.

Uncover the truth and break the chain of silence.

In shadows turmoil ensues despair.

Many have been branded with Death, legions of tombs forsakened.

The skyline of this city has been undertaken by Hell’s Parliament.

No need to pray, your creator has perished.

Perished by his own hands, the suicide of God!

He leaves no blessings and many tragedies.

So Godspeed through the ages.

Rekindle what’s left of your devotion.

Watch the Heavens torn asunder.

The walls of the sacristy painted crimson with naked eyes.

In this paradise, a requiem unleashes a balanced place of creation.

Life amongst the dead.

Of funerals and dreams.

We all walk to our funerals.

Our eyes are stolen as we are led with the dead by torchlight.

Shall we speak with eloquence under this blackest incantation?

Unhallowed for our new God.

He palms the weight of our destiny for damnation.





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