Black Devil Doll…The TV Show?!?

Black Devil Doll, TV Show

Yes you read that right! Shawn Lewis (Black Devil Doll, Rotten Cotton T-Shirts) along with Jonathan Louis (Black Devil Doll, Black Sunday TV)John Osteen (Black Devil Doll, Danzig “Juju Bone” Music Video), and Mitchel Boone (Brawling Broads 1-2) are teaming up to bring Mubia Abu-Jama (The Black Devil Doll himself!) his own sitcom TV show!

This Unholy Endeavor is to consist of:

  • 6-parts, 30 minutes per episode…over 3 hours.
  • 1980’s-style sitcom, shot on sets, super fast-paced, with a laughtrack, a cheeseball theme song
  • The first 2 episodes will be premiering at the New Beverly Theater in Hollywood.
  • The entire sitcom will available on DVD and Blu-Ray dual-disc box sets as well as available on VOD.

Earlier today, Mubia Abu-Jama dropped an official press release from the comforts of his own home:

With the state of films today being the way that they are, it is hard for a fan of horror and exploitation to get their fix without having to grumble through uninspiring horror film remakes, dime-store ‘found footage’ films, and odious CGI monster schlock. Well now is your chance to contribute!

Stop the complaining and help fund a worthy cause! Some of the perks include: one-of-a-kind numbered digital frame from the actual productionBBQ screening with the cast and crew, and a chance to own your very own Black Devil Doll!

Check out the Indiegogo site for ALL the perks and keep it locked  here on the Official Rotten Cotton blog for new info, campaign updates and interviews with the crew and Mubia himself on the new Black Devil Doll TV  Show!

Black Devil Doll, TV Show

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