Richard Christy joins the cast of “There Goes Da Neighba’hood”!

Richard Christy joins the cast of There Goes Da Neigh'bahood!The Rotten Cotton crew continues to outdo themselves with yet another update! This time Richard Christy climbs aboard to join the cast of the upcoming Black Devil Doll TV Sitcom “There Goes Da Neighba’hood”! Check out the info below and head on over the the Indiegogo Campaign page to donate and/or take advantage of some really awesome perks!

We are absolutely beyond thrilled to announce that Richard Christy from ‘The Howard Show’ has joined the cast of ‘There Goes Da Neighba’hood’. Having all been huge fans of ‘The Howard Stern Show’, as well as huge fans of Richard’s work in ‘Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay’ and ‘Supertwink’, we had actually had him in mind to play the role of Todd White’s (Trent Haaga)boss, “Mr. Lipschitz”. Luckily for us, Richard was a huge fan of ‘Black Devil Doll’, so when we offered him the role, he was more than happy to jump on board.As he said:

“Count me in, ‘Black Devil Doll’ is my favorite!”

This news is HUGE, folks! We are on a crazy roll and the stars are really aligning on all points for ‘There Goes Da Neighba’hood’. Richard Christy’s addition to the cast puts us on a whole different level, reaching an even bigger audience, and bringing much more attention to the project. But we still need your help! We’re a long way from the finish line, with only a little more than 3 weeks to go, so please join the team by pledging your dollars and spreading the word. The time is NOW, we really need your help to make this happen. Get behind us and we promise to deliver one of the most outrageous, unique, and hysterical series to ever fill your TV and computer screens. ‘There Goes Da Neighba’hood’ is going to make entertainment history, so climb aboard and join us for the ride!

There Goes Da Neighborhood



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