Sea Breezes & Salted Wounds

You could have been.

Once encased within my embrace.

You could have ruled.

I write these words on parchment meant for the gods.

I will burn, ashes consumed with broken breaths.

Signs have been begged for.

Fatigue has set in, I have no more reasons for apathy.

I suppose I am fully to blame.

For lying to myself.

I said I’ve given you up.

Memories stir at the bottom of our ocean.

The waves consumed our past.

I said I loathed you, despised you, all in the name of absolution.

But I still wait here atop this ravine.

Waiting to swan dive into oblivion.

Open wounds glisten from the blinding light of the grey skies.

I just want this to be over.

Quiet, clear, alone.

Without tears and under slivers of moonlight.

With darkness to hide my shadow-self.

I want to stop creating more wounds in hope that you find your way out of my quintessence.

I want to jump.

Wash away from this ravine, these memories.


Never to be stirred by whispered voices.

Never a memory.

Just a dour afterthought.



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