Dream and I Shall Follow

Let’s run.

Far away, riding starlight through oblivion-black auras.

Burning bright, we shall never fade.

As long as we remain encased within this star-stuff.

We burn so bright, we meld.

My kiss becomes your heartbeat.

Your stare becomes my decadence.

No trace of us shall exist in the absence of desire.

So let us conspire to break the laws of humankind.

But secretly are you somber?

As we hurl towards an expansive infinity, nomadic in nature, I fear your unease.

No roots, no stability, only us.

Our worlds collided to bring an end to trivial needs.

Faintly we dim…and it terrifies me.

I’m paralyzed at thoughts of separation.

We are cooling at devilish speeds.

Swirling past debris left by breaking dreams.

I can barely see your face.

It is hazy and encrypted with crimson empathy.

I feel so alone now…

Did you awaken?

Or just leave me here…to pick up the pieces of my undeveloped desires.



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