Red Ink & Mended Hearts

The stars aligned on that day.

Watching the memories float

in solidarity.

Wishing past endeavors into validity.

There are parts of me you’ve yet to see.

Unraveled is this passion.

Disillusioned is this darkened abyss.

Filched from the strange place of innate becomings.

Where empty embraces enshrine

sad serenades of lost eras.

But where have you survived?

A place where your ageless body lies.

Through the two halves of our existence.

Where time floats

amassing memories and dreams.

Sins and desires.

I can hear your sighs from thousands of miles

between us.

The wind carries them and leads us

to a plateau where our worlds collide.

Here we shall sign with red ink and mended hearts.

And embrace to form one within

a sentient era,

a sweet reverie underbliss,

a decadent love


Leaving the flashbacks to depose.



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