Meet Me In Heaven

Breath more,

So I know you’re alive.

The wind on your skin does that,

Tells me you feel alive.

Subdue my disgrace.

I cherish everything you bring.

Nothing can express all I’ve saved for you.

I hope we see what might have been.

So please,

meet me in heaven.

I will never die regretfully.

Because all that I know,

Is all that I’ve felt.

I’ve shined longer with you in our short time,

than with anyone.

So meet me in heaven.

Can you embrace the thought,

of knowing someone so scarred can love you,

as much as I can?

Deliver your soul to me,

so I can kiss away your pain.

Passion is drawing nearer.

It is calm and dreamy now.

I feel so light and in dreams.

I never want to fall,

but if I do…

Meet me back in heaven.



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