Tragedy Springs & Other Collected Works….coming to Print!

The cover of "Tragedy Springs & Other Collected Works". Click to enlarge in a NEW window.
The cover of “Tragedy Springs & Other Collected Works”. Click to enlarge in a NEW window.

Thanks to my good friend who is a computer wizard, I now have my laptop up and running. I’ve begun to crank out more poetry than ever before and I’ve also began to add-on to the 3 novels/short stories I’ve had to put off. I will also begin slinging articles once again for The Dreamin’ Demon, The Blood Sprayer, Rotten Cotton’s Official Blog, as well as (hopefully) another sports-related website after the Thanksgiving holidays have commenced.

I’ve also began the process of collecting my works for my first book of poetry. Tragedy Springs & Other Collected Works will be a total DIY (Do-It-Yourself) publishing experience for me but the quality will be top-notch. I’ll be giving away the first 10 or so copies away for free. After that, I only ask for shipping charges per book. I’m not ready to sell any of my pieces yet and I don’t believe it is fair for someone to have to pay me to own a copy of my most precious emotions expelled on paper.

Interested in obtaining a copy? Shoot me a message HERE and let me know that you’d like to “pre-order” one. I will add your name to the list of the already growing excel file I’ve started. Message me asap to get one completely free.

Thank you for your generous support over the years. I’ve truly found happiness throughout the WordPress community and to have perfect strangers read my material and offer words of gratitude and wisdom is the true currency that I cherish. This book is my thank you to you all. I hope it is well received.

Yours indefinitely,

Ray “Adam Delia” Marquez


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