Dark Divide

Every kiss comes with an escape clause.

Every desire burns the horizons.

Here I am,

making the same mistakes again.

But that’s fine…

I’ll take all the blame,

as you lay next to him.

As you’re running off with him.

I’ll hold the sun away so you can make your escape.

Under cover of night,

through the dark divide.

I wish we would’ve explored past the moon together.

I have everything and nothing to lose…

so I will.

But I’ll send you a tear.

The sun begins to scar the sky with its reddish/orange tint.

This it shall be,

until the moon comes to sweep away the debris.

I tried to keep it at bay longer,

but I opened up my wounds.

Don’t pretend to know.

Don’t believe I care.

I only breath when no one is around.

I wish that you’d never left.

But once again it is the end we will never see.

So please…

Stay gone.

So that I can disintegrate in peace.

And lay down among these barren fields of tortured flesh and wilted heart-strings.

And wait for the rain.

To give beauty to a new foundation of life.

This is all I have left.

This is all I need.

This is…




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