Romancing A Stranger by The Reign of Kindo

***I found these lyrics utterly & eerily redolent yet catatonically soothing so I though I’d share them. They still remain long after the song is over- like some waning ghosts looking for a place to lay their heads. You can find this, as well as many other amazing tracks, on The Reign of Kindo’s 3rd full-length album “Play With Fire”. It was my album of the year for 2013 and I still cannot stop listening to it.***

I found the roses that I bought her, she threw them on the street
She doesn’t love me
And all the letters that I sent her, she never wrote to say
She’s thinking of me
All the words that I could say, all the looks I sent her way
To make her love me
With one look upon her face, she puts me in my place
She’s high above me
Oh it’s plain enough to see, she doesn’t love me
Oh but love is all I need

Oh, my dear
I have changed the way I speak to please your ears
I listen only to the words that you revere
And I’ve renounced the things I love to draw you near
Tell me, what else would you change,
What else do you find strange when you think of me?
If you’d give more some more time,
I’ll be made to your design so you can love me

Her jokes, all quite awful
Still I’m certain to laugh to a strain
And I dwell in discomfort
But if she looks my way it’s worth the pain

She may tell me she prefers a cup of tea that I despise,
So I choke it down and smile to see approval in her eyes
She may not like my opinions, so in silence they’ll reside
But God forbid that she thinks me just a fool

I carefully play this game to an end, this despair
If she says jump, I’ll ask how high
Over mountains through the sky
To the stars and then beyond so she’d be mine
I’ve earned a few smiles, I’ve heard a kind word here or there
But I must face the morning air,
How pathetic that I cared
For the romance of a stranger’s wanting eyes

She doesn’t love me
She doesn’t love me
She doesn’t love me
How could she love me?

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