POP QUIZ #6: Influential Band – Undying

So I’ve disappeared for quite some time.

New adventures. New job. New “like” interest.

And I feel that the neglection (yes I just went Latin on you) of this blog has been the most sore and ill-begotten pain I’ve endured since venturing out into the “real” world.

Nevertheless, I’ve won the battle with procrastination and will (drunkenly) proceed to shed light on one of my most cherish and influential bands that you’ve probably never heard of. I give you: Undying.

I was but a mere young buck when I first heard the beautiful, somewhat lethargic, melodies of the band that once was Undying. These guys (and chick!) were the cornerstone of where my musical compositions were heading. Aside from Scandinavian Gods, At The Gates (who we will be visiting later), Undying set the bar (and tempo) for where I wanted to go musically with my band Held In Scorn. And although we sound not the same, the pain and melodic tempo remained.

Undying remains dead until this day. But they live on forever in the digital world.


– 1985 A.D.


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