A Trip To Mars

The view from here is majestic.



I serenely drink up your image from my space on Earth.

It seems so far,

yet I somehow feel your atmosphere part for my thoughts.

At times I see you spinning around,

like a happy dancer.

Other times,

the giant that is Jupiter covers your horizons like a beast of dreadful origins.

What is it like?

The view from there?

What do you see?

Is it hopeful?

Divine in nature?

There is so much to your planet.

So many answers left to be uncovered.

To many you are a dead planet.

But the opportunity for life that I see is mesmerizing.

I wish I could dislodge your position between Earth and Jupiter;

I wish I could slingshot you to the far ends of the galaxy so that you may introduce your wonders and grandeur to the many other solar systems.

But I fear you wouldn’t want to leave.

Even though your importance would benefit elsewhere.

Just because it took me so long to make contact,

it doesn’t mean I didn’t care.

But should we have come?

Set our footprints on territory never tread by humankind?

I only see your surface mauled and frayed by us.

Towers of sickness,

man-made rivers of despair,

streets aligned with asphalt poured by sad men and broken dreams.

In the end,

we’re all just fractions of fragments within a miniscule space of time.

I can’t do anything to help your eventual downfall.

I can only watch in dismay.

Watch and weep.

– 1985 A.D.



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