Tragedy Springs & Other Collected Works…in PDF format!!

First off, welcome to all of the new followers of my blog. I’ve seen a spike in new views and although I do not know where you are all are coming from, I appreciate it nonetheless and hope you enjoy what I have posted on here. Please feel free to drop me a line via the CONTACT link on anything you so desire.

In further news, I’ve finally compiled my book, Tragedy Springs & Other Collected Works into a pdf file so that you may download and take it with you on mobile devices. Simply right click on the image below and “Save Target As…” to save to your computer and or mobile device.

Its absolutely free.

Thank you again to followers new and old. I didn’t intend for this blog to receive any such recognition but I wholeheartedly accept it. Good vibes sent your way.

An extra special thank you to the wonderful actress/photographer Lori Cardille for allowing me permission to use her amazing photography on my book. She absolutely helped me bring out the dourness in the work.



– 1985 A.D.


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