Writers Wanted for Leviathan Press’ 1st Compilation!



Adam Delia here,

I’ve been kicking around an idea that has been floating within the confines of my brain for quite some time. I’ve always been a lover of space, science, and purveyor of NASA’s endeavors. Space is a very special place with many hidden secrets and enigmas just waiting to be discovered. That being said…

I’m planning on putting together a compilation of stories in one single volume pertaining to each planet in our solar system. The genre would be sci/fi – horror. Each writer would select a planet and then create a short story based on their research of said planet. The is an endless possibility for your imagination to bloom.

I am hoping for an eclectic grouping of writers to help bring this project to fruition. Stories could be anywhere from 1000-8000 words. If you are at all interested, please send an email to leviathanpressmedia@gmail.com for more information.

As of now I only plan on making this an ebook, but there is a possibility for a hard-press publication if the project picks up steam. Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from you.

– Adam Delia (1985 A.D.)




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