Rant of an Non-Believer

I recently (today) had the pleasure to flex my brain in a lukewarm debate regarding the ruling on the 9/11 cross-beam section (that resembles an archaic torture device) as well as the word Atheist. Find the content below. I am still awaiting a response (but I am not holding my breath).


[Names withheld], this particular court ruling was and is asinine and I had no desire for a favorable ruling whatsoever. If a cross beam in an industrial-made building that resembles a cross (wow a cross-section of a building…really?) makes you feel better than have at it dude. I personally feel the Atheists were reaching on that one and the loss is inconsequential.

We both pointed out that there are good and bad religious and non-religious people so an agreement was met there. Once again, my offer still stands, if you can find me a group of people who molest children in the name of atheism or under an atheist banner than I will attend church for a full year. I need to see documentation of that since you do say it’s documented.

Yes you Catholics have the right to practice your religion and I could care very little about why you do it. You Catholics may be aware of the brutality that priests have been bringing upon children for many many years, but do you realize that the church has also been covering it up for as long? You want to talk about people abusing power? How about your cardinals and popes covering up the crimes of the child molester and moving them to different cities to commit their crimes elsewhere?

I know I’m not perfect. No one is. Not even you supposed God. There are so many flaws and imperfections not only in his supposed “powers” but in your Holy Books as well.

FINALLY WE AGREE! YES this country is based on freedoms. One of those freedoms is freedom of religion. Absolutely! Be religious. Do your thing. Whatever makes you happy…but keep it out of my politics, keep it out of my workplace, keep it off my front porch. “America is in no sense founded on the Christian religion.” You know who said that? John Adams. Who helped write the Declaration of Independence and was our 2nd President. You know what religion he practiced? Christianity.

I didn’t push my atheist agenda on you or anyone. Please educate yourself on an Atheist. We are not a group, a “thing”, a sect…we are just people. I hate the word Atheist because it collates and indexes a certain group. We are just regular, normal people who haven’t fallen in with a religious sect to make us feel better about our impending death. That’s it. We do things because we care about other humans. Because everyone deserves a right to be happy…we don’t do things because we’re intent on going to heaven. We do not need a positive predisposition to do good things. We are good without God.

We don’t want to impose an atheism mantra into the pledge, we want your god taken out of the pledge. (Why? See my John Adams statement.) We don’t want to put an atheist seal on our money, we want your god taken off our money. (Why? See my John Adams statement.) We don’t want an atheist statue next to your ten commandments scribe. We want your statues taken down from political buildings. (Why? See my John Adams statement.)

So if you want me to keep my sensible, logical views to myself…then in all fairness, Your God shouldn’t be forced down my throat via my politics or my money.


– 1985 A.D.


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