Alive and (slightly) well.

I didn’t die. Didn’t become swallowed up within the mouth of Eurynomos. I’ve simply just become enraptured by this thing called life.

New ventures. New horizons. New years upon us.

I haven’t stopped writing. In fact, I have a few notebooks filled with my first non-genre story titled “The Pier”, about an old man on a mecca to his old hometown while the thought of his impending finale slowly fades into reality.

2015 will be just another year. And I’ll still be here. In shortness of breath and in cavalcade.

My e-books of poetry are still available for free at

2015 will also be the absolute “final” endeavor for my long overdue album with the band “The Final Cadence”.

I will be documenting the studio work on our official Facebook page, , on our (upcoming) Instagram page @thefinalcadenceofficial , and on our official website,

If you like literature and melodic metal, stay tuned.

I’ve such sights to show you.



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