Distress Call


This is a glimpse into my creative domain. And although I implore you not to take for an instance that I’m on par with the intelligence of Einstein, he and I both shared something of a cluttered existence.

I have so much to write. So many ideas, fragmented novellas, unfinished poetry, spider diagrams of character analysis’, uncollated e-books, etc. I have everything I need to keep me busy creatively, yet I can’t seem to expel the inner-voice inside me onto paper.

I’m more inclined to series-purge on Netflix or delve into other’s work such as reading Jerzy Kosinski’s “Steps” for the trillionth time. I’m sure I can break these archaic chains that have shackled many an author over the span of our existence. I’m sure Petronius took extended breaks to bath with young Roman men and sip wine through Anti-Nero fountains.

– 1985AD


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