11 Signs The Girl You Love Is A Keeper

  1. She’s supportive:  This is irrational.
  2. She’s a good person:  “Attraction and infatuation are all very good, but can lead you into the trap of an ‘instantly heavy’ relationship. These rarely last.” This is irrational.
  3. She’s honest: This is irrational.
  4. You can bring her home to meet your mom: This is irrational.
  5. The chemistry is there: This is irrational.
  6. The ‘ex’ factor: This is irrational.
  7.  The three F’s: This is irrational.
  8. She gives us space: This is irrational.
  9.  She’s not our usual type: This is irrational.
  10. She likes herself: This is irrational.
  11.  She forgives easily:  This is irrational.

Original post here: http://goodmenproject.com/featured-content/11-signs-girl-love-keeper/


– 1985 A.D.


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