‘Fulci Lives’ Thanks To Eibon Press!

From the folks over at Rotten Cotton (who I proudly support), Eibon Press has freshly launched this year to bring you some highly collectible comics based on Lucio Fulci’s Euro-Horror zombie classics “Zombie” and “The Gates of Hell” as well as an original story “Bottomfeeder” starring Day of the Dead (1985) alumnus Joe Pilato. Eibon Press is the brainchild of Stephen Romano (writer/Masters of Horror Showtime series) and Shawn Lewis (writer/Black Devil Doll feature film; Rotten Cotton owner).

Zombie Comic
16 years in the making and now finally coming to fruition, Zombie will consist of a 4 issue series that will adapt the familiar storyline of the film as well as delve into the origins of the zombie plague.

“You’ll see all your favorite characters of course,” says Lewis. “But you’ll also see some new faces. And some faces you thought were dead and buried, too. Stephen’s bringing back Doctor Menard, for example, as a crazy mutated zombie mad scientist monster, working under the insane magic of BIACANDO—the voodoo priest sort of responsible for the zombie apocalypse. But there’s a post modern twist to everything, involving a toxic waste dump and a crazy Army general. It’s just insane stuff…”

 The Gates of Hell will be a 3 issue run and Bottomfeeder will be an epic 6 issue series. Bottomfeeder mixes elements of exploitation, crime noir, Lovecraft, as well as a liberal sprinkle of environmental politics and explores a story crossed between Bad Lieutenant and Humanoids From the Deep. Aside from breaking ground in the gory exploitation category, the cast for Bottomfeeder consists of some serious horror alumnus.

“We originally wanted to make BOTTOMFEEDER as a movie,” Romano says. “So when we decided to make it as a comic series, we “cast it” just like we might have cast a dream version of the film. This means we can have some heavyweight horror stars in there, likeBill Mosley and Clu Gulager, who have both given us permission to use their likenesses…plus we get to resurrect Joe (MANIAC) Spinell and Zoe (MS.45) Tamerlis from the dead. Just wait’ll you see them in our comic. Our artist did an amazing job of bringing them back to life!”

Bottomfeeder will come up for air in 2017. For more info, check out the extended preview at www.bottomfeedercomic.com Lucio Fulci’s Zombie # 1 will be available for pre-order on FRIDAY JUNE 10 at MIDNIGHT exclusively from the Eibon Press website. Click the above image to be directed or click: www.eibonpress.com

In the meantime, vist Eibon Press at the following social media links, watch their trailer for Zombie, and freak out over the images below featuring the upcoming releases.






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