The Final Cadence (Working Title)

*Below is an excerpt for my upcoming novella. Working title: “The Final Cadence”*

~ 600 YEARS AGO ~

She stood next to the edge of forever. Sprawled at her feet were her last moments written in water. Calling for her; enrapturing her senses to join beyond the infantile, undeveloped world she now sauntered. Not all of them sleep. Some rise again to relish the taste of life. Others rise again without consequence–living the way they once did. Only finding out the hard way that the sleep that consumed them the night before was meant for eternity.

She crept up to the edge of cliff; a feeling of dread pulsing through her aura…almost human-like. The swan dive was easily 600 feet. Out into the ocean she looked, feeling the wind that carried the moisture from the sea. It caressed her face, inviting her to join the denizens that live in the darkness of the ocean. Her eyes closed as she tried to yield this moment–working the dusk into a feverish throttle. The sky was a splash of slate gray and deep blue, with the crashing of the waves making the atmosphere absolute. As she threw her head back, her perfect chin pointed towards the velvety sky that casted the light of the moon through to  her perfect features. Her ideal lips parted to reveal the identity she meant to distinguish forever.

A glistening, odious scream escaped her. Lightening flashed and thunder rumbled, creating a tremor through the cliff-side fox tails. Rain began to fall, bringing a cleansing to everything around her. And then she leapt. Falling like that of the morning star out of heaven–anger and sadness entwined to create the perfect recipe for revenge. She fell silently, her dress cutting through the wind to parachute her to the final cadence of her requiem.

When the swan song ended, the wind howled no more. The waves crashed no more. The sky cried no more. And the beautiful diver lay below on the jagged rocks and oceanic debris, accepting who she was and knowing now as she always had that she could not rid her curse. She screamed once more, louder and with more guttural resonance so that both Heaven and Hell could hear of her displeasure.

She was a vampire.


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