Unannounced Heartbeats

There is a glimmer in your eyes.

A pure initiation of amorous endeavors and hope.

I’ve pushed myself to the end of a tragedy many times before.

Making the same mistakes of maladies and eons past.

Begotten of any reasons to defy or conquer.

The dense and abstract veil continues to delay an inevitable decay.

The unannounced heart beats that echo a song unknown drown out my efforts to smile.

Atlas would shrug at the weight of my confusion.

One kiss.

One dance.

One soliloquy of ignorance and lost lovers.

I find myself staring at the perceived finale in the valley below my conscience.

A unique shiver courses through me with the preeminence akin to shattered innocence.

This is the feeling of a broken existence.

Of the point of no return.

Of bliss and defeat.

Tears that now scar an unsuspecting iris.

I feel your touch subsiding,

Slowly disintegrating from my essence.

Maybe our ghosts can someday dance together among the ruins of the past.

To songs of decadence and despair.

My only hope for closure is to awaken from this blistering slumber.

For dreams have always and forever remained the appurtenances of mystery.

Out of reach from the beleaguered and the beguiled alike.

Lost to the breeze under hope’s latency and images of ill-repose.


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