An Undeveloped Existence

My lips lay cold forevermore.

A threnody of our imminent decay.

A flash of brilliance.

Unseen to the world but remembered via the world’s passionate kisses,

amorous embraces,

decadent stares of piercing irises and flashing smiles.

Although my arms remain filled,

the weight of an undeveloped existence brings a filching of the warmth and comfort I once carried.

Yesterday will always be confined within a broken mirror.

The shards cut deep as I remove them from the clouds reigning over Tomorrow.

The blood smears and conceals amidst tears,

and a horizon is scorned with blinded eyes.

As I feel my way into the future,

the smell of palatial rosewater grows faint and dissipates in the wind.

Memories once formed are cast into a forgotten dream pile meant for oath breakers and sin seekers.

If I’m nowhere to be found,

find me at the bottom.

For sunshine does not beckon through the dense and troublesome remains of yesteryear’s embrace.



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