Here I Lay

I occasionally emerge from the coldness of these ruins,

to suckle the bitter, gelid air.

As a reminder of the abasement I’ve bestowed upon  the rest of this abrasive existence.

These frozen rocks I rearrange to encompass the entity of auras.

So many times I’ve been at the edge of catharsis.

Engaging with my eyes.

Wandering about with my quintessence.

Validation sought but never rectified.

My emotions, darker than the bleakest shadows at the corners of black holes.

Amorous endeavors have brought cancerous decay.

A will to understand and define, buried beneath the depths of the Cocytus.

Here I lay.

With the cold winds forever saturating my collapsing lungs.

As a reminder of the breaths that I cannot take.

That I do not deserve.


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