“Tragedy Springs Vol. 1” enters self-publishing Phase 1!

With the impending New Year mere weeks away, I’ve begun the process of self-publishing Vol. 1 of Tragedy Springs and Other Collected Works. The “fun” from organizing and collating a book is satiating the desire to complete the project and deliver the completion of my work in physical form.

The delivery of the book will be simple, economical, and convenient:

  • Limited quantities will be available.
  • I will not be charging for this book save for the cost associated with shipping the item to you. This includes international.
  • I’ve settled on a glossy photo stock cover with soft stock white paper (debate is still raging on regarding parchment semi-hard stock bone white for the paper).
  • Pages will be tri-stapled on the spine so unfortunately this go-around lot will not have title and author for shelf-display (simple, economical, and convenient).
  • This will be vol. 1 of a 2 vol. set (paper stock will depend on maybe pushing the complete works to more volumes if needed).
  • The amazing Lori Cardille Rogal (brilliant photographer & iconic actress) who starred as Sara in George A. Romero’s Day of the Dead has graciously agreed to let me use one of her brilliant photos for the cover of Tragedy Springs Vol. 1 and I couldn’t be more excited and proud at this collaboration.
  • I’m still working out extras such as bookmarks, book-plates, etc… (yay or nay).
  • All the cost for this endeavor will be absorbed by me; that includes time and labor.

As excited as I am, I know this project will be a difficult task on my own. But the fruits of this labor will surpass any and all bumps in the road while traveling. There is much proofing, collating, organizing, rendering, etc… to be had. More updates will follow as progress is made on the book.

See below for back cover blurb and tentative back cover-design:



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