As I Sit Here and Bleed: A quick update…

I’ve been bloodying my keys at a fervent pace since the end of last year. I’ve taken control of my difficult self-publishing endeavor for Vol. 1 of Tragedy Springs & Other Collected Works by narrowing down the content for the first volume, working on the grammar/syntax aspect, and getting reader responses for a few pieces. I’m proud to be displaying the wonderful Lori Cardille’s (yes THAT Lori Cardille) beautiful work on the cover and look forward to adding even more of her pieces to this and the other volume. More on that later.

The other work that has been getting pummeled by me in the creative department is my long overdue vampire novella currently titled under the working moniker The Final Cadence. Some beautiful stuff is happening here. I’ve had some help from some great people so far and I’m looking forward to putting this 14 year project to rest at last.

Musically, I’ve written a lot of pieces for the upcoming Held In Scorn album titled (surprise) The Final Cadence. This will be recorded, mixed, and mastered at the impressive The Press Recording Studio in downtown Stockton, CA with the talented Matt Young (who will provide his expertise instrumentally as well). Album will be produced by Matt and myself and solely engineered, mixed and mastered by Matt.

A lot of stuff is making its way north of the literary burial ground this year and I’m hoping to begin even more projects as February rears is head. Fear not of the creative juices subsiding.

– AD


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