“I always considered my acts of writing to be strictly of a selfish nature; I wrote to console, conjure, and conceal my real feelings. Writing helped alleviate the demonic miscreation that impaled itself within my credulous heart–my susceptible nature.”

I was always fascinated with Lovecraft’s “fear of the unknown” and something I like to call The Depression Era of music…or what my friend Michael Grant of the band L.A. Guns likes to call “Slit Your Wrist Music”. Not surprisingly, my style of writing from this era was directly influenced from Michael and his brother Azeron who were both in a popular Sacramento Gothic/Black Metal band called SIN.

 Most, if not all, of my pieces of work have to deal with that foreboding side of reality. Having emotionally invested wholeheartedly in that plane of existence, my only alternative to “a swan dive to oblivion” was to scratch the pain into paper with ink. These collected pieces are a direct result of those endeavors.

Adam DeliaADAM DELIA (born Ramon Marquez) was raised in California’s Central Valley but then relocated to a small, coastal Bay Area town as an adult. His childhood consisted of copious amounts of horror films on VHS, horror fiction/nonfiction books, playing the guitar and endless dreaming of combining the three when adulthood came knocking. With limited training in musical composition and extensive college courses in writing, Ray has produced a plethora of different creative avenues to unleash his true, raw emotions. He is partial to coffee, the occasional cigarette, pre-90s Horror Films, VHS/Big Boxes, coffee, Lucifer, Robert Deniro, aged whiskey, old Swedish films, classic/historic authors, coffee, Fiji Water, Twin Peaks, Atheism, coffee, and Dennis Hopper.

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