‘Fulci Lives’ Thanks To Eibon Press!

From the folks over at Rotten Cotton (who I proudly support), Eibon Press has freshly launched this year to bring you some highly collectible comics based on Lucio Fulci’s Euro-Horror zombie classics “Zombie” and “The Gates of Hell” as well as an original story “Bottomfeeder” starring Day of the Dead (1985) alumnus Joe Pilato. Eibon Press is the brainchild of […]

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Throwback Ozploitation: Mad Dog Morgan (1976)

“It’s your money or your life and it’s in that order!” “Stand and deliver sir!” “Boomerannnng sir!” Mad Dog Morgan (1976) follows the real-life exploits of John Fuller a.k.a. Daniel “Mad Dog” Morgan. The film’s truthful elements are skewered by critics and the citizens of the South Wales/Victoria Australian districts that Morgan once roamed. The police districts still acknowledge […]

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Black Devil Doll…The TV Show?!?

Yes you read that right! Shawn Lewis (Black Devil Doll, Rotten Cotton T-Shirts) along with Jonathan Louis (Black Devil Doll, Black Sunday TV), John Osteen (Black Devil Doll, Danzig “Juju Bone” Music Video), and Mitchel Boone (Brawling Broads 1-2) are teaming up to bring Mubia Abu-Jama (The Black Devil Doll himself!) his own sitcom TV show! This Unholy Endeavor is to consist of: […]

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