Never The Paramour

I’m in love with the coldness, the void the dark. Where consciousness goes to be lit afire. To warm the grieving and afflicted. If only desire were so easily catered and cauterized. Bemusing the simple-minded eternally into a catatonic droning. Never to be filched by serrated hands and tongue lashings of embryonic succor. I’m in […]

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Held In Scorn Returns!

I will be re-releasing my band Held In Scorn’s self-titled album in a newly remastered limited CD version in late Fall of 2017. This endeavor has been long-awaited and I am excited to finally have an official version available on a physical demand. I originally released a digital version of our album during the summer […]

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My Cup Runneth Over…

Have you ever had a calling? A pull of some unforeseen gravitational force leading you to another path from the one currently sauntered? It’s akin to pleasantly gazing at a horizon filled with trees, wildlife scurrying about in a natural symphonic fashion…streams of fish gliding across the scoured earth. And with each blink of the […]

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“Tragedy Springs Vol. 1” enters self-publishing Phase 1!

With the impending New Year mere weeks away, I’ve begun the process of self-publishing Vol. 1 of Tragedy Springs and Other Collected Works. The “fun” from organizing and collating a book is satiating the desire to complete the project and deliver the completion of my work in physical form. The delivery of the book will be simple, economical, and convenient: Limited […]

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Here I Lay

I occasionally emerge from the coldness of these ruins, to suckle the bitter, gelid air. As a reminder of the abasement I’ve bestowed upon  the rest of this abrasive existence. These frozen rocks I rearrange to encompass the entity of auras. So many times I’ve been at the edge of catharsis. Engaging with my eyes. […]

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