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HELD IN SCORN was created by Ray Marquez (aka Adam Delia) and Derrick Scott (ex-Setrip) in the Spring of 2003 via the now defunct website www.powerslave.com

The 1st line-up of Held In Scorn included guitarist Mike Butler (ex-DeadEyedStare) as well as drummer Mike Chavez (ex-Lythic) and bassist Phillip Pathoumnorack (ex-Lythic).

Both Mike Butler and Mike Chavez left the band early. Matt Young (ex-Awakened By Dreams and currently of Tragic Culture) took over guitar duties and Hobart Thomas (ex-Sore.) replaced Chavez on drums.

The new line-up went into Castle Ultimate Studios in the Fall to cut a 6 song split EP with Setrip. Zack Ohren (All Shall Perish, Antigony, Animosity) engineered the session.

Held In Scorn then begin to play regional shows before again entering Castle Ultimate Studios to record another 3 song EP of brand new material.

As the year rolled on, both Hobart and Ray left the band. After taking a short break, Held In Scorn continued with Jason Miguel (ex-Disharmony) on guitar and Thomas Brown (ex-Gunmetal Grey) on drums.

The band went back into Castle Ultimate Studio (sans-Jason) to cut yet another EP of 4 new songs. Shortly after, Jason, Matt, and Phil left the band.

The band shut down shortly after with Derrick spending a brief moment in Matt and Ray’s new band ADVENT (aka The Final Cadence) on vocals.

After 9 years, Ray compiled the Held In Scorn EPs and digitally released the band’s first full-length album via Bandcamp on June 17th, 2012.

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